Friday, November 11, 2016

blog 5- Offline Religious Culture and Political Culture

Offline religious culture and political culture set the basis of the political cartoons as authentic because they are taking real instances where Trump contradicts or disagrees with his religion, Christianity.  The Pope is also drawing from his teachings and knowledge for his opinion on the things Trump says as well.

The online and offline contexts are bridged based off the connection the political cartoons are making with Trump's and the Pope's beliefs in the religion.  Trump claims to be Christian, while the Pope has said Christianity is being welcoming and accepting all and not discriminating against people.  Trump has said he wants to build a wall and separate people from coming in because he believes they are rapist, killers, etc.  He has labeled immigrants as dangerous because of a few other's actions.  The Pope believes in forgiveness and moving forward for a better and more welcoming environment.  These political memes are further examining Trump's actions as they are not lining up with the Pope's idea of Christianity.

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